Laharum Bulk Handling


Laharum Bulk Handling (LBH) operates 2 JCB Fastracs fitted with Accu-Spread Accredited Com Spread Bins.

The Spreading component is an integral part of LBH Fertcare Accreditation.

LBH will spread any product which can be moved on a conveyor belt.

Single Superphosphate

This is the prime product spread during autumn on pasture paddocks. The cheapest feed any farm can acquire is the feed grown on farm. Regular topdressing of pasture with phosphorus and sulphur will maintain a healthy pasture growth.


In many low PH soils regular topdressing of a good quality lime with a high ENV will enhance pasture growth over a period of time.


On many of the Wimmera soils topdressing of Gypsum prior to sowing of cereal crops will improve the water penetration into the soil. Gypsum will improve the soil structure and enable easier cultivation.


LBH specialise in this very important product application, as Urea is usually spread on cereal and canola crops prior to a rainfall. Precision timing of the application is critical. Our 2 machines are accredited to spread to 28 and 30 metre bout widths; both machines are GPS guided and minimal crop damage occurs due to low impact of the radial tyres used. Most wheel tracks are not visible within 7 days of the crop being spread.